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I like to run outside, I like to take care of my cut and clip 'N' Dip me toilet with passion.


I'm a princess, I like to be taken care of and clip 'N' Dip grooms me with love.


I take care of my cut and my line and clip 'N' Dip me wash with beauty.


 Clip 'N' Dip Dog quality 

Dermo-cometological products adapted to the needs of your pet
A complete care protocol (shampoo, conditioner and mask),
to nourish, strengthen and protect the hair.

Our shop

Cosmetics, upholstery, toys, transport, wardrobe, ...

Our services

Grooming dogs, cats 
Grooming with quality products

Our schedules

Monday - Saturday
9h00 - 18h30

Our grooming services

       A complete care protocol:

           Hair conditioner
           Mask adapted to the need of your pet's hair

The protocol we apply makes it possible to reduce the appearance of knots, to nourish and sheath the hair, to strengthen and protect.

         Made with a complete cosmetic line:

       Shampoo sensitive skin     Disentangling  
       Anti-odor shampoo            Shearing  
       Puppy shampoo                  Claw cutting  
       After shampoo shine          Bathhouse  
       Eye contour lotion               And other care
 Ear cleansing lotion         
 Scented lotion

       Dental Hygiene:

               Dental Hygiene 100% Ultrasound  

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